Jumat, 22 Juni 2012


heyyaa! this is my secondpost on my blog. and so sad, cause this is not my outfit post. yupp really suck. but I promise, I will . asap! and actually, I've been hangout with my friends about 3 or 4 weeks ago. but I just found this photos & decided to post them on the blog. I had so really much fun with my ex-classmates. On that day, we went to KXTV for karaoke, yeah sing a song eventhough our voices aren't good enough to hear. after karaoke, we went to kuali and grab some delicious foods.

2 komentar:

  1. looks like a fun reunion ! I always love reunion, especially with a really long time no see friends:)

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  2. Tho it's not an outfit post, your outfit still catches my attention (unless you're not the one wearing the ripped jeans and floral outer) <3