Senin, 27 Agustus 2012


I think I haven't posted any outfit photos yet, and finally , here's the first ouftit photo that I can show u right now. I can't imagine how my college life succesed to hide this blog diary to me. yeah I'm a newbie in college. I passed my wonderfull highschool's life in about 4 months ago. seriously college is more and more harder than highschool. alot of assignment, go home late, and bla bla bla. just wish me luck guys! really need more luck for this college life. 
and about my clothes in these pictures , I think they're all unbranded. cause I never think to buy an branded stuff to look gorgeous, cute or awesome. But, grab the stuffs that would makes u feel comfortable & beautifull . That's all we need :))

Hope your week has been awesome so far :) 
love, susanna aprisilia xx !!


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Jumat, 22 Juni 2012


heyyaa! this is my secondpost on my blog. and so sad, cause this is not my outfit post. yupp really suck. but I promise, I will . asap! and actually, I've been hangout with my friends about 3 or 4 weeks ago. but I just found this photos & decided to post them on the blog. I had so really much fun with my ex-classmates. On that day, we went to KXTV for karaoke, yeah sing a song eventhough our voices aren't good enough to hear. after karaoke, we went to kuali and grab some delicious foods.

Senin, 18 Juni 2012

memorable night! prom!

wearing : top and skirt (tailored), shoes ( june + julia )

actually, this memorable night was already held on 2 june. but I just posted them now because I didn't kill my laziness to do blogging at the time. That night was really unforgetable just like the moments when I was a student of highschool. fyi, I'm graduated! honestly it's an happiness. But, on the other side sometimes, when I was looking some pictures about me and my classmates were playing or had some fun on the classroom and the teacher wasn't there, nahh I'ts the time that I wanna cry, cause I realized that I'm gonna miss that moments and my friends so so badly.